I signed up for Jon and Alex’s workshop having just a couple months of experience in portrait photography with the goal of quickly accelerating my skill level. After attending the workshop, I can confidently say that my skill level improved immensely. I believe it would have taken me at least a year on my own to learn all the things I did during one day of a workshop with Jon and Alex. Simply observing Jon and Alex shoot portraits was extremely valuable as I learn well through observation. Their walkthroughs covered everything that I was hoping to learn in a portrait photography workshop: getting lighting right, finding shooting locations, communicating with the models, finding models to shoot, growing your IG and many different ways to monetize your photography. The workshop covered everything that I was hoping to learn and quite honestly even more. I was very blown away when it was all said and done. It felt like I had experienced a years worth of learning in a single day. Simply amazing. I will likely attend another workshop from these amazing instructors!

Alex Stemplewski @portraitsbyalexanders

Alex and Jon did such an incredible job hosting and facilitating a photography workshop. Overall we had tons of learning opportunities from in action photo shoots to growing your business through Instagram. Since completing the workshop I have leveled up my shooting, editing, and Instagram outreach leading to my first brand deal through Instagram. I have also increased my photo shoot bookings from 1-2 shoots per week to 3-5 shoots per week since the workshop and attribute my growth to the knowledge they shared during the workshop. Thank you both, Jon and Alex, for helping me to grow my business and my skill!

Alexxis Grant @timelesspresentports

Amazing workshop! Everything was organized in the best way possible for everyone to have a great time and learn. It is one of the best ways, if not the best way to improve your portrait shooting and editing skills. Alex and Jon will give you as much attention as you need, they'll help you in every possible way and give you the best feedback you could ever get. I would 100% recommend being part of their workshop.

Juan Samudio @samussphoto

As an intermediate/hobbyist photographer interested in making the transition to full-time, I found Alex and Jon’s workshop to be a great resource for enhancing my knowledge around shooting, editing, and using social media effectively. The experience they shared on developing your business and the personal feedback they provided was really valuable. I’d recommend this workshop to anyone looking to explore photography as a full-time business, or even just take their skills to the next level.

Ashwani Bhola @ash.flash

Alex and Jon’s workshop definitely helped me to become a more well rounded photographer. I definitely feel more confident in my directing abilities and posing people who aren’t models. Learning from these two humble and talented photographers was definitely a pleasure! I would definitely do it again and recommend anyone who wants to pick the brain of masters to attend!

DeAndre Stratton @_king.leo__

The portrait workshop hosted by Alex and Jon was great. I have been a landscape photographer, and have been thinking about starting portraits for a long time. This workshop was the perfect opportunity for me to get a kickstart. I would say don't be scared or feel left out if you don't have experience in portrait photography. My level is beginner, and this workshop has been a game changer for me. I am in love with taking portrait pictures, implementing editing styles of Jon and Alex, somewhere creating my own styles. This workshop opened me creatively and I loved every minute of it. Jon and Alex are very knowledgeable, and are very kind, compassionate and patient to answer all your queries. I highly recommend this workshop.

Lavina Lalchandani @lavina.lalchandani

I just had the pleasure of spending two days with Jon. The workshop was extremely well organized and structured. Jon is not only a spectacular photographer and artist, but he is also an amazing teacher. His passion for photography, teaching, and constantly making sure you are receiving value are always evident. While Jon taught his style and his creative approach he did not hesitate to expand on how I could create my own style. The opportunity to learn with someone who’s so talented was amazing, and has certainly piqued my interest in portrait photography. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the opportunity to take a workshop with Jon to anyone. In fact, I can’t wait to go back for more!

Greg L @gregL_Photography