Portrait Editing Tutorial Bundle (Package Deal)

Welcome to my complete portrait editing tutorial bundle! Save when you purchase both of my tutorials together as a package deal.

High End Retouching Tutorial Covers:

  1. Blemish/Hair Removal
  2. Frequency Separation Brushing (Hybrid Method)
  3. Local Dodge & Burn
  4. Global Dodge & Burn
  5. Sharpening

Jon Snip Portrait Editing Tutorial Covers:

  1. Basic Exposure Adjustments in Lightroom
  2. Blemish/Distraction Removal in Photoshop
  3. Skin Touch Up
  4. Global Dodge & Burn
  5. Color Grading
  6. Eye Enhancement
  7. Adding Composite Elements
  8. Adding Gradient Flares
  9. Export Settings & Crop

We will be working in Adobe LightRoom, & Adobe Photoshop. Prior experience with these programs would help, but is not necessary, as I will explain everything that I do in detail. I will also provide you with many hotkeys and keyboard shortcuts to speed up your workflow.

Included with this download:

- The full 1:58h High End Retouching tutorial

- The full 2:33h Jon Snip Editing Tutorial

- The RAW files for both images

- Photoshop actions for frequency separation, local dodge & burn, global dodge & burn, color contrast curve, high pass sharpen, and Instagram export setting (to use go to Photoshop > Actions > Menu > Load Actions)

Models: Mary Braun / @_marybraun & Emily Levy / @emily_levy

You'll get 2 ARW, 2 MP4 and 2 ATN

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